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NYT > Fashion & Style

NYT > Fashion & Style

    The Gay Architects of Classic Rock
    Who created that gorgeous 20th-century creature, the rock star? Consider the gay image makers of the day, from Brian Epstein to Jann Wenner.

    In the Studio: Nike’s Chief of Design Doodles All Day
    John Hoke invited us into his office in Portland, Ore., where he talked about his dyslexia, his doodling and some weird shoes that inspire him.

    Fashion Breaks Its Silence on Harvey Weinstein Scandal
    Hollywood and the Democratic political world have turned against Harvey Weinstein. And yet fashion, his third circle of influence, has remained quiet.

    Decoding Dress in North Korea
    Uniformity may be the rule, but there are signs that personal expression has not been entirely crushed.

    Camping With John Waters and His Band of ‘Filthy Freaks’
    The “Pope of Trash” hosts a sleep-away camp in Litchfield County, Conn. Yes, there were marshmallows, polyester and nudity.

    The Look: Looking for Surprises in Senegal
    On his first visit to Senegal, Jake Michaels was inspired by the “curated” looks of many of his subjects. As he took portraits on streets, in cafes and at beachside nightclubs, he sought to make the people shine, while also spotlighting the action in the background.

    Encounters: Waiting for Bruce
    Bruce Springsteen has a triumphant night for his Broadway debut, but leaves his fans at the Hard Rock Cafe to party on their own.

    Tired of Twee Edison Bulbs? Bring On the Neon
    Bright lights pop up again in big cities. “We want the promise that everything is going to be O.K.,” one historian said. “We want the joy back.”

    Modern Love: Prenup Is a Four-Letter Word
    A man’s request for a prenuptial agreement roils an engagement, forcing his fiancée to confront her financial choices.

    Dries Van Noten, Icon of Creative Freedom
    For decades, the Belgian designer has created sumptuous fashion for thinking women. In an age of tattered luxury, he has also come to stand for independence.

    Nicki Minaj, Always in Control
    The queen of hip-hop has fought her way to the top of the music industry — and never made compromises.

    How Nike Designs for an N.B.A. Athlete
    This season Nike has teamed up with the N.B.A. to reimagine the league’s uniforms. We take you inside its research lab, where data helps designers understand how athletes like LeBron James move during a game.

    Open Thread: Open Thread: This Week in Style News
    Fashion’s gossip addiction, dresses over pants — and more.

    Party Coverage: Scene City: Leonard Bernstein Turns 100
    Galas were held last week for Carnegie Hall, the Rubin Museum of Art and the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy.

    We Work. We Live. We Work Out. Eventually We Die.
    WeWork wants you to work nice with others and live nice with others. And now, at its new gyms, work out nice with others.

    Social Q’s: What Happens When a Will is Unsigned? (It’s Not Fun)
    And: the friend who won’t wash his hands after using the bathroom; sharing one’s rape story with a boyfriend; the old “throw out some dates” gambit.

    Home and Work: A Paris Boudoir Where Everything’s Meant to Be Touched
    The jewelry designer Betony Vernon helps clients find erotic awareness through a combination of talk therapy, movement and occasional treatments.

    Slinky Dresses, Meet Slouchy Trousers
    Put one over the other for the season’s sharpest silhouette.

    This Life: Should Your Spouse Be Your Best Friend?
    Feeling that your partner’s a pal may signal a healthy sense of security, or could be a red flag for “a lot of conflict avoidance.”

    Unbuttoned: Fashion’s Gossip Addiction
    There’s so much rumor and muckraking going on, it may be messing with designers’ ability to make good clothes.

    Scouting Report: A Week of Openings, Pop-ups and Other Shopping Events
    An Alison Lou ear-piercing party, a Nicholas Kirkwood customization event, Iris Apfel bangles to buy, and more.

    Modern Love: Modern Love Podcast: Ann Dowd Reads ‘My Husband Is Now My Wife’
    On this week’s podcast, the star of “The Handmaid’s Tale” reads Diane Daniel’s story of her spouse’s transition.

    Return of the ’80s! Synth-Pop Bands Stage a Middle-Aged Comeback
    Pioneering electronic music bands like Depeche Mode, New Order, Alphaville and Erasure have released new material. It's like the 80s all over again.

    Boîte: Alan Cumming Brings His Cabaret to the East Village
    The actor took over the former Eastern Bloc gay bar, and turned it into Club Cumming.

    On Beauty: We’re Living in the Golden Age of Contouring
    With light and shadow, it’s possible not just to accentuate your features — but to reshape them.

    Browsing: What Is Slow Fashion? We Explain
    Four sustainable labels that are changing fashion as we know it.

    Psst! Prince Harry Parties Here. Also Pippa and J-Law.
    Charlie Gilkes and Duncan Stirling specialize in cheeky clubs with names like Bunga Bunga (after Berlusconi’s exploits) and Maggie’s (as in Thatcher).

    With...Tom Hanks: Hollywood’s Most Decent Fella on Weinstein, Trump and History
    As accusations rain on a kingpin of his industry, the actor known for his American hero roles begins a tour for his wide-eyed book of short stories.

    Tom Hanks: Confirm or Deny
    The actor is convinced that typewriters are making a comeback.

    Coach Inc. Is Dead. Long Live Tapestry.
    The American fashion group is rebranding itself to reflect its new ambitions.

    On the Runway: Melania Trump Wears First Lady Cred on Her Sleeve
    On her trip to West Virginia, she wore a dress from Cefinn, the brand created by Samantha Cameron, wife of the former British prime minister.

    T’s Best Images From Fashion Month
    The 30 unusual, surprising pictures from the shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris.

    In Love With Romance Novels, but Not Their Lack of Diversity
    The owners of the Ripped Bodice bookstore gathered data about writers’ races, and the results confirmed what many authors and consumers already knew.

    It’s No Secret: Debi Mazar and Gabriele Corcos: ‘Create Some Mystery’
    He’s the dreamer; she’s the creative one. He’s the hands-on guy; she’s the settler.

    Lil Mama Instructs Us on How to Glow Up Properly
    Sometimes the renovation of the self is an outside job. The Glow Up is the path to happiness.

    Market Report: 8 Pairs of Exotic, Graphic Mules
    The backless slipper gets updated for autumn with ornate embroidery and Moroccan-style embellishments.

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